5 Reasons To Avoid The Doctor’s Office

House call doctors allow patients to stay in the comfort of their own home while seeing a qualified professional. Those with children will find this particularly useful, but the service can be helpful to anyone.

House Call Doctors In Florida

1. Waiting Rooms are Full of Germs

A recent study by Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology shows that kids are more likely to come down with flu symptoms after a visit to the doctor’s office. This means over 700,000 completely preventable cases of the flu every year, just from being around other sick people.

While the study looked at well child visits, children with lowered immune systems would be at higher risk for catching another disease. It’s House Call Doctors In Floridaa good idea to avoid waiting rooms and the many germs there, when possible. House call doctors can come directly to the patient’s home and eliminate this risk.

2. Patients Can See a Doctor Almost Immediately

Depending on which city the doctor is located in, it can take between 10 (Dallas) and 72 (Boston) days to get in to see a doctor for new patients. The average nationwide is 19 days. For patients without life threatening illnesses that require them to seek emergency help, this may still be too long.

House call doctors offer rapid service and can usually see patients in the same day. This means reduced wait times and faster diagnosis. It also means patients receive treatment sooner than those who visit the office.

3. Prescriptions and Refills Are Available Without Leaving the House

Heading out to fill a prescription when ill is not a pleasant task. Parents of one or more sick child will also find that getting to the pharmacy is extremely difficult. A simpler option is to have the doctor fill the prescription while at the home to examine everyone. Since house call doctors bring their own equipment and medical supplies with them, they can provide the necessary medication, as well as an examination and diagnosis.

4. Housebound Patients Get the Care They Require

Patients may be housebound for several reasons, including lack of transportation, disability or social/mental health issues that do not House Call Doctors In Floridapermit them to leave the house. Approximately 6.4% of those with disabilities between the ages of 16 and 64 have difficulty going out. Over the age of 65, 20% find it difficult to leave the house. Caregivers may not be home-bound, but they may find it challenging to get out.

The elderly are particularly at risk. Around 3.6 million senior citizens have difficulty leaving their homes. This does not count those who are institutionalized. For all of these people, young or old, getting to the doctor can be a long and difficult process. A doctor coming to the home is a much better solution for many of them.

5. Proper Care Means Less Time in the Hospital

For patients who have recently suffered an injury or had surgery, recovery at home can be a better option than staying in the hospital. However, ongoing medical care is essential in these cases and a doctor will need to examine the patient frequently. For this reason, many people end up staying in the hospital longer than they would really like to.