House Call Doctors For Travelers

Travelers are not immune to getting sick or injured. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a doctor far from home. House call doctors are not just for residences, they can also visit hotels and even offices, making it simpler for those far from home to get the treatment they need.

Common Traveler Ailments

While it is possible to come down with nearly any disease while on the road, some health issues are more common than others.


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Food Poisoning: Characterized by nausea, vomiting, heartburn, fever and diarrhea, food poisoning is not easy to deal with. It can also make it difficult to get to a doctor, particularly in areas where the patient is not familiar with local practitioners. It often takes a couple of weeks or longer to get an appointment with a doctor if the patient is new, as well.

Sports Injuries: It’s not uncommon for a traveler to twist their ankle or pull a muscle while away from home. While not serious enough to warrant an ER visit, this type of injury should still be seen by a doctor. Diagnosis and treatment early on can help prevent further injury. A Housecall Doctor Pennsylvaniadoctor can also prescribe medication if necessary.

Flu and Cold Symptoms: For those who fly to their destination, getting sick may be a regular thing. Unfortunately, airplanes can be hotbeds for bacteria and viruses. While it may take a while for these illnesses to settle in, it can be very uncomfortable for the patient who is far from home and in unfamiliar conditions.

Prescription Refills: Those who travel frequently, whether for business or pleasure, will find that there is a high chance of forgetting medication at least once. Trying to get the pharmacy to fill a prescription from out of state can be frustrating. House call doctors can refill prescriptions and even do a quick examination to ensure that the patient is fine.

Other health issues may also arise. Anyone who travels on a regular basis will find that they need a doctor away from home at some point. The hospital is not a great option for those who have minor, treatable issues, but without the help of a doctor, many end up going to the ER just to get some kind of treatment.

The Benefits of Having a Doctor Visit

For those on vacation and time-pressed business people, a house call doctor can be a lifesaver. Instead of navigating a new hospital for what may be a relatively minor condition, the patient can be seen in comfortable surroundings. A hotel may not be home, but it is more comfortable than an ER waiting room.

A house call doctor can respond quickly and the situation can be resolved faster than finding a doctor in the area. For parents of small children who fall ill on vacation, a quick response sets minds at ease and the child can begin the recovery process faster.

Traveling does not exempt one from injuries and sickness, but it does make it more difficult to get to a doctor. When the doctor comes to the patient, it is much simpler.